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Anchor Options

All Catapult Buildings are professionally anchored at the time of installation. All certified building will come with the appropriate quantity and type to meet or exceed your local building codes. Please have a utility locating service come 24-48 hours before we arrive to mark your site.

Standard Anchors

All Buildings come standard with our 3' rebar spikes which are driven through the carport into the ground.

High Wind Anchors

Direct Metal Buildings offers a high wind anchor. These anchors are used for ground installations on our certified buildings or can be purchased for $25.00 each. High wind anchors are an auger type of anchor that "screw" into the earth and offers superior uplift resistance. We recommend High Wind Anchors for installation in high wind area's and taller structures.

Concrete Anchors

Direct Metal Buildings offers a concrete anchor. These anchors are included for all concrete installation. Concrete anchors are hammered drilled into your existing slab. Direct Metal Buildings does not recommend "wet setting" of anchors bolts.

Asphalt Anchors

Direct Metal Buildings offers an upgraded asphalt anchor. These anchors are available for installation on asphalt. Asphalt anchors are barbed and offer a superior tie down over the rebar anchor. These are $25.00 each and are available by request.