Anchoring and Foundation

Direct Metal buildings will install on just about any level surface. Our buildings are support by a base rail that runs the length of the building. This rail comes in a single run and is not adjustable. However, the leg height has a 4" adjustment that allows us to compensate for some slope or grade issues. For larger structures it is recommended that you have your site graded to ensure the strongest structure possible.

***The information below is provided for illustrative purposes. Direct Metal Buildings does NOT recommend preparing your surface until after the building is ordered and you receive an official copy of the drawings. Direct Metal Building is not responsible for the accuracy of the below information.

Standard Anchoring

Standard Anchoring is included in the base price of the building. For ground installation we use a 30" rebar spike. Existing concrete slab will be attached with concrete anchors.

Please see our anchor types page for more information.

High Wind Anchoring

Direct Metal Buildings offers a high wind anchor. High wind anchors are an auger type of anchor that "screw" into the earth and offers superior uplift resistance. We recommend High Wind Anchors for installation in high wind area's and taller structures.

Concrete Pier Anchoring

Concrete Pier anchoring is a cost effective alternative to pouring a slab or footers.

Concrete Installations

Although we will install on any concrete surface, below is a few of our recommended foundation designs. If you are required to permit the building, check with your local building inspector for requirements.