Direct Metal Buildings offers a variety of the strongest and finest covers to protect your expensive RV's, 5th Wheels, campers, and boats. We offer structures up to 16 foot tall to enclose or cover your valuable property. Compared to the damage that can be caused by sun, hail, rain, snow, and falling debris, these structures cost pennies on the dollar. Whether you are looking for something economical or more substantial we have many options for you.

How to Design Your Boat or RV Cover

Step One: Determine the size of your vehicle. Some typical sizes for reference are:

  •  Class A Motor Home: Usually need a 14' High Leg
  •  Class B Motor Home: Usually need a 12' High Leg
  •  Class C Motor Home: Usually need a 11' High Leg
  •  5th Wheel Camper: Usually need a 12' High Leg
  •  Pontoon Boat: Usually need a 10' High Leg

*** Sizes are for reference only. Please verify your height before delivery.

Step Two: Decide which size best suits your needs.

How to Choose Your Width:

Width is one of the biggest determinanating factors in cost. The width is usually the smaller of the dimensions, is the gabled end of the building and is clearspan with no supports. Our RV and Boat Covers range in size from 12 foot wide to 24 foot wide. You should avoid making the building as tall as or taller than the width as this will substantially increase the cost of your building. For Example a 12 foot wide by 12 foot tall is more expensive than a 18 foot wide by 12 foot tall. If you intend to use your RV cover at your campground many people will choose a 24 foot wide and use the extra space as a permanent awning.

How to Choose Your Length:

The length is usually the longer side of the building. It will have support frames starting at the base rail and continuing to the roof. These frames are standardly spaced 5' apart but can be moved together to increase the strength of the building. This dimension of your building will be the length minus 1 foot for the 6 inch over hang on each side. Keep in mind you should add at least 5 feet to the length of your vehicle to ensure proper coverage.

How to Choose Your Height:

The height of the building is considered the leg length. The roof continues at a 3:12 pitch to the ridge of the building. Click here for interior clearances. When you measure vehicle be sure to keep in mind top mounted antennas, radar and satellite dishes.

Step Three: Determine which Roof Type is best for you.

  •  The Regular Roof. This is our most economical roof and is available in widths up to 24 feet. This model has round or rolled corners down the length of the building and features horizontal sheeting.

  •  The A Frame Roof. This roof is a small upgrade from the regular roof and gives a more traditional look to your building. This model features horizontal roof sheeting.

  •  The Vertical Roof. This is our premier roof, it is stronger, leak resistant, and the most stylish option we have.

Please click here for more detailed information on our roof options.

Step Four: Determine if You Would Like any Sides.

Direct Metal Buildings offers many choices to protect your vehicle. You can enclose it completely, partially or not at all. Adding sheeting to the sides will always significantly increases the strength of your cart port even if it is just a couple of extra panels.

Overhead Doors:
  •  Fully enclosed your RV or Boat for the ultimate protection. For detailed information please visit our Metal Garage page.

  •  Sides are a very economical choice to protect your vehicle. All of the structure is in place for us to easily add complete sides to your cover. Full sides add significant strength and great protection.

  •  Extra Panels or Gables are a great addition to your cover. These will add strength to your cover as well as additional protection for your vehicle, while leaving full access all around.

For more information on sides and gables please visit our Options page.

Step Five: Determine if you would like any extra side openings.

Direct Metal Buildings can add openings in the sides of your cover. These can come in handy for unobstructed access or for slide outs. We offer two different types of openings to meet any need.

  •  Standard openings are considered from 4 foot to 12 foot wide are only $150 per opening. This fee is for openings only or openings on the sides of the building.

  •  Larger openings are over 12 foot wide. They have a large dual post and web welded header. The fee for this header is $50 a foot. This fee is for openings only or openings on the sides of the building.